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5 Things you Should Know about Dog Bites

By April 19, 2016April 4th, 2019No Comments

Are Dog Bites on rise?

Is it just me or are we seeing more reports in the media these days about dogs biting or attacking people?

It can be traumatic for the owner as well as the victim. For instance, I read about a case in which a lawsuit resulted in a payout of more than $1 million for a youngster attacked by a dog.

It turns out that around 1,000 bite victims end up in emergency rooms throughout North America every day and there are close on 5 million bites in a single year.

Are you a dog owner?

If you’re a dog owner, or you know someone who is, or you’re about to become an owner, here’s some useful information to help wise-up to the risks:

  1. Some breeds are more inclined to bite than others – and they’re not always the ones you expect. See this list:
  2. Most bite victims are children, so you should be extra vigilant when kids are around.
  3. Common advance warning signs of a bite attack include pinned-back ears, back fur standing up, unusually visible whites of the eyes, yawning to show teeth, a freezing response to touch, and intense eye contact.
  4. Dog aggression may be driven by a sense of possessiveness – for property or individuals – fear and pain. If your dog exhibits these symptoms, seek professional help.
  5. If your dog is inclined to nip or to be aggressive, don’t leave it unattended with others, and muzzle it.

If your dog bites someone, constrain it immediately and, if appropriate, seek medical help for the victim. Provide the victim with information about the animal’s most recent rabies shot.

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