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Are you Aware of the Drinking and Driving Laws in New Brunswick?

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Drinking and driving Laws in New Brunswick

Whether you have been to a house party or out for an evening with friends, you may choose to indulge in an adult beverage or two. The key to enjoying a nice time with friends is to make sure you have a safe way home or, if you are the host, to make sure your guests have a safe way home.

In November 2017, New Brunswick changed their laws with regards to Drinking and Driving.

Drivers found with a blood alcohol concentration of between 0.05 and 0.08 will have their driver’s license immediately suspended. This will now be recorded on your driving record. (was not done in previous years)

  • first offence is a 7 day suspension, vehicle can be impounded for up to 3 days
  • second offence within the last 5 years is a 15 day suspension, vehicle can be impounded for up to 7 days
  • third or more offence within the last 5 years: 30 day suspension, increased license reinstatement fee and participation in a drinking driver education course. The driver may also be eligible for the voluntary interlock program. Vehicle will be impounded for 7 days.

Drivers found with a blood alcohol concentration of over 0.08:

  • first offence withing 10 years: vehicle will be impounded for 30 days
  • second or more offence: vehicle will be impounded for 60 days

If you are under 21 there is a zero tolerance rule for any alcohol in your system. If you are found to have any alcohol in your system, there will be:

  • Immediate one year license suspension
  • Minimum $172 fine
  • Mandatory enrollment in the Auto Control driver’s education program
  • Graduated License Program must be restarted from the beginning
  • Mandatory 7 day vehicle impoundment

If you have multiple offences, you could face jail time:

• 2nd offence: minimum 30 days in jail
• 3 offences or more: minimum 90 days in jail
• If a death caused: 3 years in jail

Offenders can shorten their driving probation by voluntarily installing an interlock device in their vehicle. Ignition interlock is a device that requires drivers that you need to blow into to test your alcohol level before a vehicle will start.

You can enroll once the following conditions have been met:

• The court ordered minimum mandatory prohibition period has passed
• All fines have been paid
• The Auto Control driver’s education program has been completed

Once installed, the device must remain in the vehicle for the following durations:

• First offense: 9 months
• Second offense: 30 months
• Third or greater offense: 48 months

24-Hour Suspension for Driver Unfitness

If an officer has any concerns about the safety of the driver or others who share the road, they have the discretion to request the driver to surrender their license and suspend their driving privilege.