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Is Your Cell Phone at Risk for a Privacy Breach?

By August 16, 2017April 4th, 2019No Comments

Do we do too much on our cell phones?

It is a rare occasion now that you come across someone who does not have a smart phone. Smart phones are used by both the young and elderly, for everything from a phone call, a camera, to more serious things, like banking. Most people don’t even think twice about what they are doing with their phones. There is a false sense of security felt by most users. If you should be using your phone for business purposes, you could be at an even higher risk for a privacy breach.

In the fast pace environment we live in, more business is done on the go instead of behind a desk. There are also many more businesses that have independent contractors who work on their own instead of being employees.

You may not think about privacy on your phone but if you using your phone for business, you need to think of it as a mini computer.

So, what can you do to help prevent a privacy breach? We have a couple of hints for you.

  1. Choose a strong code when setting up your lock screen.
  2. For apps that you want kept private, you may be able to add an extra PIN or code you must enter before these will open.
  3. Make sure you log out of your apps or services when you are finished.
  4. Avoid public networks.
  5. Put a remote tracker on your phone in case it is stolen. Some allow you to track, ring, lock or even erase your phone remotely.
  6. If you book appointments using your phone, make sure no one else can answer your phone or see your text messages.

Make sure you contact your phone service provider if you have any question about the security of you phone.

Have any other questions about how a privacy breach could affect your business? Contact our commercial department at (506) 432-1550.