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Wait, I have to Waterproof Inside Too…

By February 24, 2016April 4th, 2019No Comments

Most people only think of Water Damage coming from outside the home.

At this time of year, a lot of people are watching the rivers rise and worrying about flood or sewer water coming in from outside the home but what about the hazards that can occur inside? Many do not think about the water damage that can come from inside the home but it can be just as damaging. Plus, it can occur at any time, not just at times of high water.

Check out our list of dos and don’ts when it comes to making sure you are safe from the water inside your house.

  • DO…check your plumbing is in good condition
  • DO…install a backflow valve
  • DON’T…pour grease down the sink. It can build up and cause issues
  • DON’T…leave your home unattended.
  • DO…know where the main water shut off is in case of emergency
  • DO…replace your plastic or rubber hoses with braided steel hoses (usually on washing machines)
  • DO…make sure your basement has enough heat to make sure the pipes do not freeze in extremely low temperatures.

When it comes to water damage, don’t take any chances.

There are many water problems that will be covered by your home insurance policy but what about those that are not? Some people think that sewer backup is automatically covered but, in fact, it is an optional coverage. You have to add sewer backup to your policy as an extra, otherwise it will not be covered. Unfortunately, in flood prone areas, this coverage is not always offered by Insurance Companies. Contact your broker to find out if you have sewer backup or can qualify to add it to your policy or go to our website at to get your questions answered.

What about Flood coverage?

One of the most asked questions we get as brokers is “Can I get Flood Coverage?” In New Brunswick, flood coverage is not offered to homeowners, only business owners. Depending on how and where the water comes in, some Insurance Companies may cover claims under sewer backup. However, some also have a clause in the policy that will not cover this if there is local flooding. What Insurance Companies are starting to do is offer a coverage for this called Overland Water. Contact our office or check out the Research Center on our website.