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High Risk Auto Insurance

Affordable high-risk auto insurance for New Brunswick drivers.

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High risk auto insurance throughout New Brunswick.

Being labeled a high-risk driver means insurance companies think you’re more likely to be involved in an accident and need to make a claim on your policy. It does not mean you can’t get auto insurance at all.

We are a leading high-risk auto insurance broker in Sussex, NB. We work with special companies to make sure you’re protected, at affordable rates, no matter what your driving background is.

There all sorts of reasons why insurers label someone as being high-risk. For example:

  • You’ve been involved in multiple at-fault accidents and car insurance claims in the past.
  • You’ve collected too many speeding tickets.
  • You’ve committed a driving-related offense like DUI, which is under the criminal code.
  • You’re a new driver.
  • You drive a car that insurance companies consider to be more at risk of accidents or thefts.
  • You have a poor premium payment record or you had a period between policies when you weren’t insured (even if that’s because you didn’t own a car!).

How Does High-Risk Car Insurance Differ from a Standard Policy?

The most obvious difference is that it costs more. Generally speaking, someone who’s been labeled “high-risk” can expect to pay more money for their car insurance.

An individual’s conviction record, accident frequency, payment history and insurance history are all the same factors that are assessed when everyone goes to buy vehicle insurance. Having all of the items above or a combination of these factors can put you in this high-risk category or market.

Beyond that, high-risk auto insurance covers most of the same things that a standard policy covers, including the mandatory requirement for $200,000 third party liability insurance, accident benefits, direct compensation property damaged (DCPD) as well as uninsured automobile coverage.

Pearson Insurance can also arrange for additional optional coverages such as comprehensive, collision and loss of use.

How to Get High-Risk Auto Insurance

Many regular market insurance companies simply won’t cover high-risk drivers for any price. If you’re already insured with a regular company and they see you have a number of convictions or a number of at-fault accidents, they may choose not to renew your policy. If they do choose to renew your policy, you will probably notice a significant rate increase.

Either way, you may need the help of a high-risk auto insurance broker like Pearson Insurance.

In fact, there are several reputable and reliable companies that provide high-risk auto insurance in New Brunswick. But they charge different rates based on how they assess the vehicle and driver risks involved.

As an independent broker, we work with many of the higher risk markets, which means that we can shop around for you to get the most affordable rates.

Why You Need Pearson Insurance for Your High-Risk Auto Insurance

We don’t just search for the best rates for your coverage.

Our high-risk auto insurance experts can advise you on actions you may be able to take to reduce your high-risk profile. We can tell you how long accidents stay on your record, which ones are affecting your rating and how the different convictions affect the cost of your insurance.

That means, we can help you return to the standard lower rates as soon as possible.

Furthermore, in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim on your policy, we’ll work with you to make the process as painless as possible.

Get A Fast and Free High-Risk Auto Insurance Quote Now

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be labeled “high-risk”, perhaps through no fault of your own, we can help.

Even if your current insurer allows you to continue coverage, you need to be sure that the rate you’ll be paying is the best available.

Pearson Insurance can provide you with a fast, reliable quote or selection of quotes for comparison — at no cost and without any obligation. In other words, no risk!

Contact us today at 1-800-260-2277 and get ready to be back on the road fully protected.

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