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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

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Do you have questions about insurance in New Brunswick? We have answers!

Check out the commonly asked questions below about Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance or just General Insurance questions.

Auto Insurance

Is it always 50/50 if there is an accident in a parking lot?

NO, especially if your car is parked.  This is a very common myth that stops people from reporting some accidents.  Fault is assigned in a parking lot accident so call your broker to report it.

Someone has stolen things from my vehicle.  Does my car insurance cover this?

No. Car insurance only covers the car and attached equipment.  Any contents of your car are covered under a home or tenants policy.

Does a gap in my insurance affect my next policy premiums?

It depends on the length of the gap and the reason for it.  If the gap is less than 2 years, it will not affect your premiums.  If the gap is more than 2 year, you may have to start in a higher risk market before you move to a regular market.  If the gap is due to accidents, convictions or cancellation for non-payment, this will also be taken into consideration on your premiums.

Can I lend my vehicle to someone?

Yes, you can lend your vehicle to someone that does not live with you who has a valid license.  However, if they have an accident, it can be counted against your policy. (any licensed driver that lives in the home must be listed or have their own policy.)

Does the color of my car make a difference in the price of my insurance?

No, the color of the car does not matter.

Do we have No Fault Insurance in New Brunswick?

No, we still have a system where the person that causes the accident is charged with an at fault accident.

Does my insurance go down when I turn 25?

No, insurance companies no longer rate based on age.  Your rate is based on years licensed. So if you get your license at 16 or at 36, you are treated the same, based on years licensed.

My insurance card says “truck” but it is an SUV.  Is my insurance still valid?

Yes, your insurance is fine.  Many companies group vehicle types together and there is not enough room on the insurance card to type it all out.  If you have the correct VIN number on your vehicle, that is what matters.

Do glass claims put my insurance up?

They are counted as a comprehensive claim but they do not affect your rates.  Insurance companies are now starting to pay close attention to the number of comprehensive claims, especially glass claims, you have on your policy.  As little as 2 claims in a 2-3 year period can result in the company increasing your deductible or taking your glass coverage away.

Does it cost more to insure my son than it does my daughter?

No, gender does not matter in the price of insurance.

Can I insure my child’s vehicle in my name?

It is not recommended.  However, you can as long as the insurance and registration read the same.  The child would have to be listed as the driver and rates would reflect their experience.

Do older drivers pay more?

No. Drivers are rated based on years licensed, not age.

Am I at fault if I go off the road due to bad road conditions?

Yes, unfortunately this is the case.  If you are the only vehicle involved in an accident, you are automatically deemed to be at fault.

Is a trailer I am hauling covered under my auto policy?

The liability from the towing vehicle will extend to a trailer you are hauling but any coverage for damage to the trailer itself (i.e. collision) is separate, so you would have to add it on the policy to get this coverage.

Are there discounts for kids away at university?

Yes, if your child is 100 kms or more away at school, you can receive a discount on their portion of your auto insurance if they are listed as an occasional driver.

If someone has an accident with my car will their insurance cover it?

No, if someone has an accident with your vehicle, your insurance is responsible for it.  It is treated the same as if you were sitting behind the wheel.

Does paying off the loan on my car make my insurance cheaper?  

No, it does not make a difference in the premium of your car insurance but you should still notify us.  In the case of a claim, your claim cheque would be made out to you and the bank or leasing company listed for your loan.  If you have paid off your loan, we need to delete the bank from your insurance policy so any further claim cheque would not have to be signed off by the bank, they would just be made out to you alone.

What is driver protector (accident forgiveness)?

Driver protector can be added to your auto policy for qualifying drivers.  This will protect you so your driving record does not drop due to your first at fault accident and your premiums would not increase as a result of that accident.

Which rental car coverage do I need?

There are two types of rental coverage available to you.  The SEF 20 can provide you with a rental vehicle if you are in an at fault accident, depending on the coverage you carry on that vehicle.  The SEF 27 can extend the collision and comprehensive from your current auto insurance policy to a vehicle you rent while you are away on vacation.

Does the length of my commute to work make a difference?

Yes, there are different classes of insurance that are based on pleasure rating or your distance 1-way to work.

How much liability should I carry?

We recommend that you carry at least $1 million liability coverage.

Do I get a discount for having winter tires on my vehicle?

No, there is no discount for using winter tires in New Brunswick.

What happens if I have an accident while I am away on vacation?

If you have purchase the insurance from us for your rental vehicle, you would call our office to report the claim.  If you have purchased insurance from a rental company or your credit card provider, you would call the number provided by them to report the claim.

Do I have to add someone that only has their beginners to my auto insurance policy?

No, they are automatically covered while they have their beginners.  Once they pass their road test, you need to call us to either add them to your insurance policy or get insurance on their own vehicle.

Do I have to add my child on to my auto insurance policy?

Any licensed driver in the household needs to be listed on your insurance policy unless their have their own vehicle insurance.

Is it ok if I just have a copy of my insurance card on my phone?

The answer, for now, is no. You are required to have valid a paper copy of your insurance card available for a police officer in case you are stopped or in an accident. Electronic copies of insurance cards are becoming more accepted in some circumstances but legally, they have not been fully approved in New Brunswick.

What is the difference between an auto adjuster and an auto appraiser?

An auto adjuster is the person that takes your statement, arranges rental vehicles and makes you the settlement offer or arranges to have your vehicle repaired. An auto appraiser is the person that goes to look at your vehicle, assesses the damage and makes the recommendation as to whether or not your vehicle can be fixed. They may also provide an estimate of damages or suggest a settlement value.

Home Insurance

Does my landlord’s insurance cover the contents in my apartment?

No, if you are renting, you need to have your own insurance for your contents.

Is my home insurance cheaper if I pay off my Mortgage?

Yes, most companies offer a mortgage free discount.

Is it covered if my roof or deck collapses from the weight of snow?

It depends on your policy, but is normally covered under a comprehensive package.  Please contact your broker.

Is there coverage for mold under my home insurance policy?

No, mold is excluded under all property insurance policies.  That is why it is so important to clean up after any water damage right away, even if it is a small amount.

If my car or ATV is in my garage and my garage burns down, does my house insurance cover this?

No, any vehicle, ATV or snowmobile must have it’s own insurance.  It is not covered under your home policy.

Do I need to notify you if I am doing renovations to my home?

Yes, if it is a renovation to a major system (heating, electrical, plumbing, etc) or if it is over $10,000, you need to contact your broker.

Does it matter to my home insurance if I change the heating I use?

Yes.  If you are making any changes at all to your heating system, whether removing it or adding a new type of heating, you need to contact your broker right away.

What is WETT certified and why do insurance companies require this inspection?

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer.  These are certified professional wood heating appliance inspectors.  If you have wood heat in your home that was not professionally installed, your insurance company will require you to have it WETT inspected to make sure it meets current building codes and is safe to use.  If you are purchasing a home and the installation information cannot be provided by the current homeowners, you may also need a WETT inspection in order to get house insurance. For more information, visit

My neighbor’s tree fell on my house.  What do I do?

Take photos if you can and do your best to prevent any further damage from happening.  Call us right away and we can help you assess the situation and determine if you should report it to your insurance company or the neighbor’s.

Why does the age and type of oil tank matter?

Oil tanks rust from the inside out so even if your tank looks fine to you, it could be damaged.  Insurance companies require oil tanks to be replaced every 10 years if they are outside and every 15 years if they are inside.  Most companies are now requiring that, when you replace your tank, that you replace it with a double wall or fiberglass oil tank.  If you are replacing your oil tank soon, make sure you call your broker to see what the requirements are for your insurance company.

Can I install a used oil tank in my home?

No, you should never install a used oil tank in your home.  Oil tanks rust from the inside out so you don’t know how much life that oil tank still has.  This may result in an insurance company not providing coverage for you. Always check with your broker to find out what the criteria is for your insurance company.

Is a home based business covered under my home insurance?

No, a home based business is not automatically covered under your policy but some companies can provide coverage, depending on the type of business you have.  Call us today for information.

Is it covered if a tree on my property falls on my house?

Yes, if one of your trees were to come down in a windstorm and damage your home, it would be covered under most home policies.  Just be sure you are keeping an eye on your trees and make sure you are taking down any trees that are rotten and could be in danger of falling.

If I have adult children (or anyone else) living at home, is there coverage under my home policy for their belongings?

If you have anyone else living in your home that is no longer a student, you should have them listed under the contents portion of your home insurance to have their things covered or they can purchase a small tenants insurance policy to have coverage.

Commercial Insurance

Does my personal auto liability extend if I am hauling a commercial trailer?

No, liability does not extend to a commercial trailer like it does to a personal trailer.  Call our commercial department today for details

Can I use my personal car for business use?

No, business use is rated differently depending on what type of business you have and what you are using it for.  Call your broker today to discuss the details.

Do I need Cyber Liability coverage for my business?

If you use a computer or cell phone for your business, or any other machine connected to the internet, you need Cyber Liability coverage for your business to keep your information and your customer information safe.


Are agents and brokers the same thing?

No. Agents only sell for the one company they work for.  Brokers work with several different companies to buy insurance that best suits your needs.  Plus – we can do the shopping for you so you don’t have to!

Can increasing your deductible save you money?

Yes, on your property policy, increasing deductibles can save you money.  For an auto policy, the savings is so small that it may not be worth it to have to pay out the higher deductible.

Do you know what the Bipper symbol represents?

The Bipper symbol shows you that you are dealing with an Insurance Broker.  When you see this symbol, you can trust that you are being provided with unbiased, professional expertise to secure you the best coverage for your particular needs at the best price.  You know this because we have access to multiple companies so we can do the shopping for you!