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10 Ways to Prevent Theft of Your Equipment or Tools

By October 12, 2016April 4th, 2019No Comments

Prevent theft of your tools and equipment

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we need to be aware of anyone that may be trying to profit from your loss. Things that can be carried away can easily be carried by thieves looking to make a quick profit. And it is not just the large construction sites that have to be concerned about theft, it could also be the site of a home being built. So, what can you do to make sure your job site is safe both during the workday and after hours?

Follow these tips:

1. Signage. Especially if they suggest video surveillance is on site. Sometimes even a simple “Keep Out!” sign may help do the job.
2. Security lighting. The more the better for extra lights and motion sensor lights.
3. Barrier protection. Putting up a fence or guardrail will help keep your tools and equipment protected and out of site.
4. Alarm System. You can get a monitored alarm and/or security cameras for your site. Trail cams often come in handy for this purpose.
5. Control access to the job site. If you can make it so there is only one way in or out you will have more control.
6. Job site box protection. Tools in a locked storage box will be more difficult to steal.
7. Documentation. Take pictures and record serial numbers of all of your tools and equipment. If they are stolen, you have proof for the insurance company and for the police. Identifier labels are also helpful.
8. Paint your large equipment with a unique color so they can be easily identified.
9. Lock cabs and wheels of mobile equipment.
10. Make sure your equipment does not use the same keys.

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