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What You Need to Know Before you Haul a Trailer

By March 19, 2018April 4th, 2019No Comments

When spring is getting close, people start to count the days until they can head out on the open road with their trailer.

Most people do not think twice about towing a trailer.
A trailer can be a utility trailer like those used to haul a sled, an ATV, a motorcycle or just common household items. Or a trailer would also include a travel trailer, like those trailers that people use to go on vacation, they haul them to campgrounds, on trips across the country or sometimes take them to that lovely spot on the lake for the summer!

The reason I am writing this is recently it has come to our attention that many people do not realize that they should contact their broker to let them know they have a trailer. Your broker will be able to tell you what is covered and what is not.

When it comes to personal use, many companies will extend the coverage for liability from the vehicle that is towing the trailer.

The key word here is many, not all of them. That is one of the biggest reasons to contact your broker. The other is that if you want to have coverage on your trailer for collision, fire or theft, you will need to add that coverage to your policy specifically for that trailer. Just like you would add collision or comprehensive to your car, you can do that with your trailer. One more really good reason to contact your broker is that we have a number of insurance companies that offer very good vacation trailer policies, that typically do not cost much. To give yourself peace of mind, just contact your broker so you will know what your options are and will be able to have the understanding about the coverage available and allow you to make the decision that is right for you.

Commercial Trailers – this is a totally different story!

Now, if you have a commercial trailer, or use a trailer for business of any type, you will need to contact your insurance broker. When it comes to commercial use the rules are different. The companies do not extend any coverage, not even the liability coverage. You need to contact your broker to get the best advice for your particular situation. We have a dedicated Commercial Insurance department here at Pearson Insurance that can help you with all of your commercial insurance needs. Give us a call at (506) 432-1550 or email us at